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If the listener object uses a socket then backlog (1 by default) is passed to the listen() method of the socket once it has been bound.

Accept a connection on the bound socket or named pipe of the listener object and return a Connection object. If authentication is attempted and fails, then AuthenticationError is raised.

Close the bound socket or named pipe of the listener object. This is called automatically when the listener is garbage collected. However it is advisable to call it explicitly.

Listener objects have the following read-only properties:

The address which is being used by the Listener object.

The address from which the last accepted connection came. If this is unavailable then it is None .

New in version 3.3: Listener objects now support the context management protocol – see Context Manager Types . returns the listener object, and calls Hot Sergio Rossi Woman Leathertrimmed Calf Hair Sandals Black Size 40 Sergio Rossi Quality From China Wholesale Clearance Fashion Style Cheap Inexpensive H2uf2

Wait till an object in object_list is ready. Returns the list of those objects in object_list which are ready. If timeout is a float then the call blocks for at most that many seconds. If timeout is None then it will block for an unlimited period. A negative timeout is equivalent to a zero timeout.

For both Unix and Windows, an object can appear in object_list if it is

A connection or socket object is ready when there is data available to be read from it, or the other end has been closed.

Unix : wait(object_list, timeout) almost equivalent select.select(object_list, [], [], timeout) . The difference is that, if select.select() is interrupted by a signal, it can raise OSError with an error number of EINTR , whereas wait() will not.

Windows : An item in object_list must either be an integer handle which is waitable (according to the definition used by the documentation of the Win32 function WaitForMultipleObjects() ) or it can be an object with a fileno() method which returns a socket handle or pipe handle. (Note that pipe handles and socket handles are not waitable handles.)

In collaboration with the American Ornithological Society
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Birds of North America
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Access to the entire Birds of North America database (text, photos, audio and video) is available through subscription. There are subscription options for both individuals and institutions/organizations (academic and public libraries, agencies, corporations, etc.). Complete, free access to several species accounts is available from the BNA Home page and for potential Institutional/Organizational subscribers, we offer free trials . More details about the individual and personal subscription options are included below and for information regarding institutional subscriptions, please visit our Institutional Subscription page .

Individual and Personal Subscriptions

BNA offers subscriptions for individuals with user name and password access.

An individual subscription entitles the user to complete access of the entire BNA database of 750+ species accounts, including all photo, audio and video galleries.

complete access

We currently offer the following different subscription terms:

Individual subscriptions to BNA can either be purchased online or over the phone (1-877-873-2626, M-F 8:00-4:00 ET)

Ready to subscribe?

Subscribers will be contacted via email by a BNA representative in advance of their subscription expiration. Subscription renewals can be processed either online through the Basket Creeper sneakers Nude amp; Neutrals Puma Inexpensive Cheap Price GZZ4B9
or over the phone (1-877-873-2626, M-F 8:00-4:00 ET). BNA does not keep the credit/debit card information used to purchase the initial subscription, so you will need to provide payment information upon renewal. Prices subject to change upon renewal. BNA reserves the right to change the subscription terms and conditions at any time, including the right to modify or discontinue the terms of subscription .

Ready to renew your subscription now?

As an individual/personal subscriber you can easily check on the status of your account at any time, or alter any of your personal or contact information. You will need to be logged into BNA in order to see the yellow " My Account " link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on this link and then you will be redirected to a secure page. After authenticating with your BNA login information here, you will see all of your current subscriber information and account status. Subscription purchase and expiration dates can be found there, as well as the ability to renew your subscription. If your subscription has already lapsed, instead of seeing a link for " My Account " after logging into our site you will see a yellow link that reads "Check my Account Status." Click on this link and the process will be the same as described above.

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Content Marketing Guru Michael Brenner On How To Measure Content

Today, more than ever, marketing teams are being held accountable for delivering business results.

Continuing our Measurements that Matter series, we recently chatted with Michael Brenner, a best-selling author, keynote speaker and CEO of Marketing Insider Group, to discuss why and how to measure the impact of content marketing.

Last month, we spoke with Katie Paine about what are the important measurements in PR. With our first few interviews underway, we’ve already noticed a common theme – in order to show value, what you measure must be tied to the business objectives. And we’re seeing an overlap in recommended measurement tools!

Michael Brenner: Marketing is under tremendous pressure to deliver value to the C-suite and to fellow executives in sales, finance and everything else. I started my career in sales, and have always believed marketing should be able to demonstrate and measure the results of our activities.

While I appreciate the creative geniuses that develop and design logos and pick color schemes and fonts, I've always questioned the idea that marketing is an artistic endeavor that should be excused from providing business results.

I found my way into content marketing – I worked my way from sales into product marketing and then into field marketing and demand generation, digital marketing, and content marketing. I took that journey because I believe that in the digital world we live in, content marketing is the most effective way to measure marketing results.

Measurement matters in content marketing because it matters for marketing overall. Marketing is part of business enterprises, and we need to measure the value of our results. So I reject the notion that marketing needn’t demonstrate results, and I think content marketing is the best way to do that.

Unfortunately, the answer is "it depends." That’s because it's important that every marketing activity start from a business objective – the metrics or measurements you should be looking at then flow from that. Even at the awareness level, at the top of the funnel, I believe there's a way to quantify these efforts.

Marketing programs can have four different types of objective. First, reach or awareness. Second is engagement . The third is classic B2B conversion for revenue. And the fourth, which is all too often forgotten, is retention .

engagement conversion retention

Any marketing program should be tied to one of these primary objectives, with a metric that measures to it. For example, I often say reach is basically traffic, and traffic doesn't have any value. However, traffic can have value if you're getting it organically versus paying for it. Content marketing offers the opportunity to attract an audience versus buying it, so you can take the value of the traffic that you're getting relative to what you would have paid to collect it.

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Written by Kaila Timmons on April 15, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Every week we aim to make your life easier by compiling the best online community articles from around the web right here on our blog.

This week, our favorite articles focus on tips for increasing customer engagement and perfecting the customer experience.

Check out last week's top ten posts about building online communities here .

Here are some of the best customer experience tips from around the web this week.

Tweet of the Week

Be a #custserv role model. Regardless of what you do for your company, be that person that everyone admires wants to emulate.

- Shep Hyken (@Hyken) studded buckle boots Black Philipp Plein Stockist Online Free Shipping Eastbay Free Shipping Amazing Price Best Sale Best Sale Online u25Gl7ydt9

Topics: Customer Engagement , Online Community

« Selecting and Purchasing a Customer Portal Platform: How to Get Started
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