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Addiction to alcohol and other drugs has become a relevant issue in today’s scenario. This problem is not only having negative impacts on individuals but is also affecting the happiness and goodwill of several families. This rehabilitation centre is the undisputed leader for treating those who are addicted to drugs. Our practices are renowned worldwide as our results are second to none.

Our centre is created at a location where the patients can easily breathe fresh air, thus making them feel more positive and motivated about the therapy. Since years, we have accumulated a team of highly experienced doctors who are committed to treat and look after the patients like their own family members. We understand what healthy relationships mean, this is why we ensure that our treatments and facilities work in a way that you only welcome home a better person from inside-out. We create a homely environment for fast and long-lasting recovery.

We are open to assist patients of both the genders and provide them with a very comfortable and safe surrounding. Both male and female attendants are available with us, for we know how much you care and worry about your loved ones coming to us for treatment. We welcome patients of any age and do not restrict them from moving out of the centre when they wish to. However, we ensure to motivate them to leave only once they are fully recuperated. The patients are made to study, live in a clean environment, and exercise well; ultimately moving away from all kinds of addictions.

Apart from this, we offer many recreational activities too for indulging our patients in the best way for treating themselves. All patients are allowed to interact with each other on regular basis and understand the problem they faced individually because of these addictions. This is one of the major steps we take to analyse their rehabilitation psychology and help them accordingly as per their mental and physical state. Family and friends are permitted to visit the patients regularly and see them recovering step-by-step every time they come over.

Believe in us, because we know what good health and healing family members mean to you!